In 1991, after more than 30 years of study and original ideas, I released my theory of the future democratic society in “Technological Democracy: A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society”, and presented its much more refined structure within my later on publications cited below. As a result of worldwide financial crises forcing people to look for a new societal system to replace the previous corporate dominated one, I decided to post a simplified and short edition of my theory, within a manifesto kind of only 64 pages for general public as a manual for taking action toward transforming the system. I strongly think this is the system of the future world that can materialize in this particular century. It’ll save many lives and possibilities if we comprehend it now and do something to materialize it before it gets far too late to stop wide-spread violence and bloodshed.

The economic idea introduced this is a part from the new technological theory of Socialists For A Democratic Society which is believed, sooner or later but eventually, to replace the current two generations aged chaotic and out-of-date system of, so named, representative democracy. Individuals virtually all developed and some developing nations are earnestly trying to find a modern but just and fair system to replace it. The complete and details structure with this new societal system, that is presented in three publications (over 1000 pages), obviously can not be properly presented right here. Your reader needs to have this in your mind when some concerns arise. However, understanding it with a bit of use of logic and reasoning is fairly easy, because the scientific bottom of the theory sits on the application of one particular basic principle of equality of chance.

Our Constitution literally addresses the principle of equality of chance but suppose, to clarify it, we pass an amendment to the constitution recognizing equality of opportunity being an person directly in every facet of every day life. This instantly increases democracy to protect the whole system in the social life: financial, political, along with interpersonal. Let’s see what goes on towards the economic climate of the country and together with it to individual liberties, governmental process, interpersonal order, employment legal rights, and equality regardless of competition, sex, culture, and religion. Listed here is a very brief account of this..

The way in which home is produced, possessed, and utilized, decides the financial structure of any society and, to a substantial degree, its social and governmental qualities. An essential condition for economic democracy is definitely the equitable distribution of funds among the individuals and dispersed power over its use.

The key of equality of chance prescribes that every individual has complete power of manage and control over whatever she or he owns throughout his lifetime, but no one inside a technical democratic society is able to acquire chance over other people through build up of riches by earnings accomplished by exploitation and subjugation of others, or free move of assets. This principle is referred to as “prohibition of unjust enrichment.” This kind of accumulation is allowed only through individual’s own labor. Therefore, no one can be enriched via inheritance or receiving home or assets with no comparable compensation. This is because such enrichment will disturb equality of chance by increasing one’s chance, without having his personal endeavours, over those of others. Inheritance is permitted only to the extent which it fails to affect equality of opportunity. Profit is yet another type of unjust enrichment because the capitalist receives it via exploitation of workers in addition to consumers. It unjustly enhances the chance of the capitalist towards employees yet others. However, a nationwide specific amount of return from the use of capital is justified.

While capital is still one from the main causes of production, its characteristics is very different using that below capitalism or socialism. Apart from the capital built up through cost savings from a worker’s own earnings, so that you can attain equality of opportunity, each employee has additionally another source of funds accumulation. It is a decided number of gives of his employer’s company he gets every month together with so when a component from his salary. This process steadily and peacefully exchanges capital through the capitalist towards the worker allowing her or him growing speech within the procedure from the firm. An exclusive and fantastic end result is achieved from this process of changeover; the distinction in between the capitalist and working course disappears and each sign up for with each other into one. It is worth noting that the working course under this theory embodies anybody doing work in any creation process from its top managers to the minimum competent one.

The built up capital through the employees below this system stock-keeping is low-transferable, but it continues to be beneath the ownership and charge of the employee. It replaces the present Interpersonal Security system, offering him or her with earnings sufficient to get a small but comfy living specifications right after retirement life. Like Social Security, right after the loss of life in the proprietor, this low-transferable capital reverts to some general public organization known as the General public Usage Account in charge of offering totally free health care and totally free education for those. Nevertheless, in order to diversify her or his low-transferable holdings, the employee might trade element of her or his firm’s non-transferable shares with low-transferable shares of other businesses in the stock market. The truth is, these shares certainly are a part from the interpersonal capital in circulation offering many different advantageous features, all below individual and private control. In addition, obviously, the worker has capital accumulation by savings through the salary, income from capital ventures in creation firms, income from nontransferable shares, and inheritance. The worker has full power over all of these resources throughout his or her life time.

The application of equality of opportunity produces a new setting of creation getting rid of exploitation and gradually making the employee a full participant in production and distribution procedure. At the place of work, it produces different opportunity levels according to every individual’s education and encounter.

Under equality of opportunity, work is surely an person correct since there is no such equality present between those utilized with these out of work in the exact same degree of competence. Every institution should provide work for just about any applicant corresponding to his or her amount of competency by using the key of “shared chance” produced from the equality of opportunity basic principle. It takes that every utilized person within the company at the exact same degree of proficiency as these unemployed candidates, to stop a small percentage of his work chance (e.g. 1-4 hours out of 40 hrs each week) to supply the identical work chance of the applicants. The idea of supply and need at each degree of chance stabilizes the work industry for this and then any other amount of function across the country. Shared chance causes complete employment and life time work security for anyone desiring to operate.

The overall degree of payment is dependent upon a general place classification on the national degree calculated and established from the Nationwide Financial and Creation Authorities (NEPC) by the help of the Technodem, that is a national impartial, self managed electronic system and essential instrument in appropriate use of equality of opportunity, also called the people’s best and reliable buddy. The Technodem by the ability to access costs of products or services and the cost of living, computes and reports to NEPC the volume of minimum wage necessary for a minimum living standard. The NEPC designs a model place category and pay system appropriately. This is fed for the Technodem prepared to watch over its application in every single organization employing workers. Every creation company then, following the nationwide model, establishes their own position classification and pay system and rss feeds it to the Technodem which immediately measures up it with all the nationwide design, and reviews back discrepancies, if any, to be fixed. The position classification inside every firm lacks to become identical to the nationwide model but it needs to match the range specified by that model.

In technological democracy, after twelve numerous years of basic education, the job system and training merge with each other. Everyone must complete the general education program. It consists of 4 years of preschool education beginning at age group three as much as seven; four years of elementary and four years of supplementary education. It has a condensed curricula from grade one through 12. Right after finishing this academic system, the individual who is about fifteen years old, starts to work part time whilst beginning his advanced schooling full-time. His study program is equally divided among basic-humanistic and professional-technological parts. The first component, develops him as being a democratic person, seriously dedicated and dedicated to the key of equality of opportunity. Nevertheless, the core part of his humanistic training is accomplished via his or her 12-calendar year of basic education. By age 22, he or she achieves the information amount of an MA degree below our present system, and starts to function full-time and continues his research part time for the remainder of his operating years. Every worker at the time of retirement life, which comes at his earlier 50s right after thirty years of employment, builds up information, beyond the Ph.D. degree, the best degree in advanced schooling offered nowadays. This higher level of information is required and necessary inside a highly scientific and technological and actually-transforming life environment at the job as well as in your own home. This part-time education is a component from your worker’s needed operating hours; to get a 40 hour-for each-week work system, he works 32 hours and research 8 hours. Everyone begins the life completely from scratch and steadily moves to your higher place and djywkv earnings by the time of established retirement. There continues to be nevertheless two or more years of energetic life remaining for each and every individual right after retirement to experience life without having be concerned investing it in recreational, art, music, travel or other creative and preferred ventures.

The technological democratic society is dependant on the thought of the least federal government becoming the best. Appropriately, the national government has no household line functions. All national departments with the exception of defense and State, all regulatory companies and well being applications are thrown away. Their state governments are down-size by about forty percent; whilst the size and obligations of local government authorities are increased by about twenty percent. The Technodem, creation firms and native interpersonal organizations carry out most of the required public functions. Under this system there is an incredible increase of person rights and freedoms, free education, charge health treatment, work legal rights, and aging benefits all below full person and private manage.

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